" Shchitut " (Corruption) - Logo and Posters Design

Shenkar, 2014



At the first place, I created a new font to be used for designing the name of the night club, the font must

provide the correct  and the mostly descriptive feeling should be produced among the audience.


Then I used a special technique :


I took a picture of the word "shchitut" by the Iphone and then I exposed the Iphone with the

word " schitut " on its screen to a long shot using a camera.

This technique helped me to produce a new image that fits to the concept of the night club.

it's a night club that plays an electronic music and everyone could tell the type of the music is played there

by the way the name of the club is presented in the logo and the posters.


besides, the new image was ziroks printed on bright, shiny paper which also contributes to the concept !