Alex -  " Everything is temporary "

Shenkar, 2013




"Everything is temporary"‭, ‬the love‭, ‬the art‭, ‬the earth you and me‭.‬

Death is very expected still is very surprising‭ !‬

How can you know it's not your last day‭ ?‬

You‭  ‬might think you have more time‭, ‬suddenly it comes‭ ‬ the death comes‭, ‬and your time is over‭.‬

Death is the only appointment not listed in your schedule‭."‬



As‭ ‬a student I was asked to react to the text above by photography‭.‬



     I asked my 95‭ ‬years old neighbour Alex‭ ‬if I can take pictures of him and his personal belongings

gathered‭ ‬at his home during the years‭!‬

     Alex‭  ‬opened his heart and home for me very widely and during 3‭ ‬months I took hundreds of pictures of

Alex himself‭  ‬and of his clothes‭, ‬book‭s, clocks and pieces of art he collected by the years‭.‬

     Very ironically‭, ‬as written in the text‭, ‬without setting an appointment the death nocked on Alex's door

and very poorly he passed‭ ‬away a week before his 96th‭ ‬birthday‭.‬



‭" ‬Everything is temporary ‭" ‬is the name of the book I created after Alex passed away

collecting the pictures taken from the last months of his life‭.‬